Eric Jeffcoat

I graduated with a B.S. in Film & Television Production from Montana State University but my background goes much deeper than that. As a teenager, I picked up a 35mm camera and began shooting things that I was passionate about, namely skateboarding and landscape still life subjects. While enrolled at M.S.U. I abandoned years of skiing to take up snowboarding in 1988. The sport introduced me to shooting in an alpine environment, quite a departure from the urban motifs I was accustomed to.

I started Frontside Productions in 1996, primarily to cater to the rapidly growing action sports television market. Since that time my work has encompassed the full spectrum of this genre: snow, skate, surf, wake, BMX, motocross and others. I offer a unique skill set to clients; compelling storytelling, intimate knowledge of lifestyle sports and the visual acuity needed to capture dynamic images. Although I’m called upon frequently for this type of work, it is not all that I do. I move comfortably within the corporate world. I realize the importance of meeting deadlines, budget constraints, and the details that need to be put in place before the first frame is shot. For me its not just about the image, its about the story behind the image.