Pure Juice – The Tom Sims Documentary

A FSP passion project, Pure Juice came to light after a chance meeting I had with Scott Clum, art design director at Sims during the late 80’s hey day of this new sport. Together with Director Erich Lyttle, we embarked on the daunting task of telling Tom’s life story; from bombing hills on a home made board at New Jersey’s Tavistock Golf course as a kid, to his rise as one of the original innovators of snowboarding. The teaser has been shot, the search for independent funding continues…

Red Bull Flugtag

Another wacky idea from the Red Bull crew, Flugtag is essentially home built “flying machines” that people huck off a 40 foot drop into the water. Craziness ensues… – Camera Operator


MasterCraft X26 Launch – Bump Films

MasterCraft is pushing the envelope with one of their biggest boats yet, the X26. On water footage was shot at Lake Norris outside of Knoxville, TN. The studio portion was shot in town. – 2nd Unit Camera Operator


Morning pre-light and suss out

Thats a lot of boat to hang…

X26 Lauch Video