Mastercraft X23 – “Welcome To The Jungle”

Part 2 of our adventures with Donavon Frankenreiter and crew, we hopped to a tropical location that shall remain nameless. Mastercraft brought their new X23 along for the ride. Director / DP Mark Bame. Camera – Eric Jeffcoat

X23 sunrise on the river

Tropical Taro fields

The best way to incite harsh localism…

Toyota TRD Trucks – Las Vegas, Nevada

My second car shoot with Limitless Filmworx in 12 months, Toyota TRD Trucks was shot on the storied Mint 400 racetrack outside of Las Vegas. Directed by Warren Kushner. Eric Jeffcoat, 2nd unit camera operator

Our mocked up race commentator desk in the middle of nowhere

Camera Op JR Kraus framing up

I spent a lot of time on a 10 step

DP Heimo Ritzinger, Camera Ops Denver Miller and JR Kraus scope a location

Cool Go Pro shot of our car prep guy Gator at the hero vehicle

MasterCraft – “Blurring The Lines” Acapulco

My continued co-lab with Bump Films took me to Mexico and Hawaii for some fun lifestyle trips with Mastercraft’s new wake surf boats. Teamed with ex-ASP pro surfer turned musician, Donavon Frankenreiter, surf icon Tom Curren, and Puerto Rican ripper Alejandro Moreda, we headed to south for the week. Director/DP – Mark Bame Camera – Eric Jeffcoat

The new Mastercraft X20 in Coyuca, Mexico

Donavon Frankenreiter in the pocket.

DSC02560 - Version 2
Tom Curren spooling up at the break right in front of the casa.

Alejandro Moreda launching starboard side.

Canon 400mm for long lens surf capture.