New Balance/FYI 1099 Boot

New Balance / FYI 1099 Boot

When New Balance decided to partner with an out of house design team to develop their new winter boot the 1099, they chose FYI Design. Based in the mountains of British Columbia, FYI specializes in high end, technical outerwear and packs. This short vignette focuses on their collaborative relationship with the 1099.

Exfuze – Viva Kids

Viva Kids is a non-profit NGO started by Rick Cotton, owner of Exfuze, a supplement drink company. Operating in economically depressed areas of the Dominican Republic, their main focus is to provide educational and domestic assistance to impoverished neighborhoods. Produced by Bump Films.

Insight Media – “Cheapside”

Directed by Greg Wilson at Red Ball Tiger Creative. Working with DP, Denver Miller, I was brought in as 2nd unit camera operator to provide second angle shots for the spot, allowing for efficiency on location as well as more options for edit.

Insight Media – ‘The More Things Change”

Directed by Greg Wilson at Red Ball Tiger Creative. “The More Things Change” was shot in the spirit of the the popular NBC show “The Office”. As 2nd unit camera operator, I was enlisted to provide a docu-style approach to the look of the spot.