Pure Juice – The Tom Sims Documentary

A FSP passion project, Pure Juice came to light after a chance meeting I had with Scott Clum, art design director at Sims during the late 80’s hey day of this new sport. Together with Director Erich Lyttle, we embarked on the daunting task of telling Tom’s life story; from bombing hills on a home made board at New Jersey’s Tavistock Golf course as a kid, to his rise as one of the original innovators of snowboarding. The teaser has been shot, the search for independent funding continues…

Red Bull Flugtag

Another wacky idea from the Red Bull crew, Flugtag is essentially home built “flying machines” that people huck off a 40 foot drop into the water. Craziness ensues… – Camera Operator


Skull Candy / Andy Stumpf – Robbie Maddison Entertainment

Skull Candy teamed up with retired Navy SEAL, Andy Stumpf to help him raise money for the Navy SEALS foundation. When a SEAL doesn’t make it home, NSF helps their families with resources and support in a most difficult time. Andy and his entire family was great to work with. He’s attempting to break the world record for wing suit free fall and distance. – Camera Operator

Skull Candy1
Backyard interview in San Diego

skull candy 2
Dirty back road LZ for a training jump

Cross Fit Regionals – Double Black Diamond Productions

Its been a few years since I’ve worked with Chris Robinson and DBDP so it was nice to re-connect with them on the Cross Fit regionals held at the Tacoma Dome this year. I don’t get to “drive the bus” with a build up a whole lot so it was fun hop back on one for a few days. – Camera Operator

Cross fit

HBO Real Sports – Go Pro Athlete Camp

HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel brought me in to shoot a segment they were producing on Go Pro’s CEO, Nick Woodman and their winter athlete training camp. We spent 5 glorious days at Canadian Mountain Holidays Galena lodge shooting the show. Definitely one of the better jobs for me this year! – Director Of Photography

Setting up in the lodge for Nicks interview

Interview with Go Pro athlete Travis Rice

HBO crew
Martini shot with Travis and the crew on the last day

Real Sports teaser for the Go Pro segment

Red Bull Rampage – Virgin, UT

The Rampage site was all new for 2014 and it did not disappoint. The best freeriders in the world gathered to push the limits of mountain biking to next level insanity. Air date on NBC is Dec. 27th, 2014. Eric Jeffcoat – RF Camera Operator

The true definition of givn’er the onion

Sunset vista from the Rampage site

Shameless selfie!