Mastercraft X23 – “Welcome To The Jungle”

Part 2 of our adventures with Donavon Frankenreiter and crew, we hopped to a tropical location that shall remain nameless. Mastercraft brought their new X23 along for the ride. Director / DP Mark Bame. Camera – Eric Jeffcoat

X23 sunrise on the river

Tropical Taro fields

The best way to incite harsh localism…

MasterCraft – “Blurring The Lines” Acapulco

My continued co-lab with Bump Films took me to Mexico and Hawaii for some fun lifestyle trips with Mastercraft’s new wake surf boats. Teamed with ex-ASP pro surfer turned musician, Donavon Frankenreiter, surf icon Tom Curren, and Puerto Rican ripper Alejandro Moreda, we headed to south for the week. Director/DP – Mark Bame Camera – Eric Jeffcoat

The new Mastercraft X20 in Coyuca, Mexico

Donavon Frankenreiter in the pocket.

DSC02560 - Version 2
Tom Curren spooling up at the break right in front of the casa.

Alejandro Moreda launching starboard side.

Canon 400mm for long lens surf capture.

Mastercraft ProStar Documentary

Mastercraft has been in the boat business since #1 rolled off the line in 1968. We follow the grueling, 2 year process involved in re-designing their iconic 3 event boat, the ProStar.
Camera – Eric Jeffcoat / Mark Bame. Produced and edit by Bump Films.

Mastercraft Mission 4 – The new Pro Star

Mark and I headed to Sacramento for the latest edition in Mastercraft’s “Mission” series spots. Mission 4 focuses on the redesigned Pro Star waterski boat. This was our first opportunity to use the new Vision Research Miro high speed camera.
Director / DP Mark Bame, Bump Films

Mastercraft Pro Star 6
Setting the scene for the new Pro Star

Mastercraft Pro Star 1
World Record Jump holder Freddie Krueger pinning it for the ramp at 60mph

Mastercraft Pro Star 5
Freddy sending it…

Mastercraft Pro Star 4
The Copter Kids were brought in from Reno for our Heli Drone angle, great guys.

Mastercraft Pro Star 3
Mark tracking in the slalom course

Mastercraft X-46 Mission Video / Running Footage 2013

Back to Florida and the Butler Chain Of Lakes four our yearly Mastercraft shoot with Bump Films. Along with a commercial for the X-46, we spent time shooting all of next years new boats.

Remix cut from X-46 video

Mastercraft X46-3
Setting up a motion control shot on the X-46

Mastercraft X46-2
Mark setting up a shot with Preston at the stick

Mastercraft X46 -1
Wake surf tracking shot with a jib arm. Not easy.

Red Bull Ultra Natural 2013

Year two for me at one of Red Bull’s premier winter events. Once again the riding was next level in nice pow conditions. Glad to have the switch up from last years camera position at the top to a mid mountain action shot on a 42x long lens. Produced by Red Bull and Brain Farm Cinema. Curt Morgan, Director

Red Bull Ultranatural 2
The best way get around quick in the mountains…

Red Bull Ultranatural 3
Bendy blade from the whup whup

Red Bull Ultranatural 1
New mid mountain position for year two.